Santa Cruz, California is Beautiful

Loyola plays Stanford in Santa Cruz on Thursday night. I used to live not far from Stanford when I started high school (my great uncle went to Stanford, and my dad went to San Jose State). I went to Santa Cruz many times as a kid, and recently I drove through and took some pictures….

Street scene not far from the beach showing the train bridge and Victorian houses.
The Pier at Santa Cruz. There are many restaurants and tourist shops on the pier.
Elephant seals sunning themselves on a boat deck on the pier.
The arcade at the Santa Cruz boardwalk as seen from the pier. There is an amusement park with rides, a game arcade, a steam train ride, roller coaster, etc. A scene from the movie “Harold and Maude” was shot in the arcade.

There is a small forest of redwood trees in Santa Cruz, not far from the coastline. Going north along the coastline is some pristine California coastal areas that are nearly untouched. Slightly south of Santa Cruz is the beautiful coastal town of Capitola.

Capitola, Calif., just south of Santa Cruz.
The coastline at Capitola, viewing Monterey Bay.